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Training that develops Trust and Relationship


Sara Licht offers training for a few horses per month, with individual attention, using safer and gentler methods.   
She can also come to your barn or residence to help you with your horse. 

Gentle Methods to Ride and Drive

Sara gives your horse the practical elements he or she needs to know to be a safer, responsible partner, using calm connection techniques to build greater trust.     

Starting horses from Untouchable to Friendly

 "I have sent unbroke or green-broke horses to several trainers around Wisconsin over the years. Sara Licht is my new favorite by far! I would not hesitate to send my next horse to Sara." - Jillian Steffes

Appreciation and more

   I sent my pony mule to Sara for riding-and-driving training, and she met and exceeded my expectations.  She customized her training methods to meet his personality – the kind of flexibility I appreciate since every horse is a bit different.  

Her communication with us as the owners was top notch – we received regular updates on his progress, health, etc.   She treated him like one of her own – he got as good if not better care with Sara than he would have at home!  “Diesel” thrived under Sara’s care – he absolutely LOVED working for Sara, and with all the time and attention he got with her, he came home to us a well trained and ready to work companion!  I highly recommend Sara Licht for equine training.

-Jillian Steffes


"Sara has such an intuitive sense about the horse and quickly gained Aron's trust. Her training methods meshed wonderfully with his dressage training...the result is that I have a lovely, calm and enjoyable driving pony who loves his job!"  -Diane Watson


"Sara Licht did an excellent job training my two horses to drive. I am so impressed with how calm and patient, and yet firm she is with my horses. Before Sara began to work with my 6 year old, he would bolt and run away when he was afraid or confused about learning something new - he is a big horse, so he got away with it before Sara started to work with him. Sara knew how to patiently get Karner to trust her and want to work with her. It is so wonderful to feel so safe driving and riding Karner now. He is so well mannered. I get compliments about him all the time! I would highly recommend Sara as a horse trainer - she is a horse whisperer in my eyes!"

- Laura Cominetti

Lessons for young children

Rainy is Sara's lesson partner, and she helps your child to grow in their confidence.  While having fun in a safe environment, your child can develop balance and body awareness. It can be very healing to experience connecting with a large animal that will listen to them.  Children practice being a kind and fair leader with Sara's gentle horse Rainy.

Unicorn Parties and Photo Sessions

Meet a gentle Unicorn horse that you can snuggle up to while she lays down.  You take home gorgeous photos to remember the experience by!  

Rainy gives leadline rides to young children, paints, does many tricks and can stand at liberty for amazing photos.

Trick Performances

Rainy and Sara have performed their musical choreography of tricks, liberty, and bridle-less riding performance to small crowds, and often collaborate with their talented circus arts performer Mary Ad-Art (Mary Adrenaline!)  

The bond you see between Rainy, Sara, and Mary is testimony to the connection that is possible with horses.


 Nemo came to Sara untrained, pushy, and lacking confidence.  He learned to stand quietly for hitching and seemed to enjoy his new job as a driving pony.  

 Sara was invited to work with Willow, a  rescue, who was too scared to let anyone touch her.  Here is Willow's very first ride!  


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